Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Running on..

maybe worth mentioning that I do a bit of running, but I am trying to put my blogs for that on fetch everyone

Distorted views? A life online continues....

I am particularly interested in the application of web 2.0 in an educational context (education 2.0) I think there may be a paradigm change happening in education/society as a result of changing practices brought about by new technologies and in increasing understanding of the affordances of new technologies. However I do not think it is quite the same understanding as emerged from Frand, Oblinger and others. I do not think that students have changed radically, and I do not buy the digital natives, digital immigrants ideas (although I do recognise that as tags they are memorable, and can understand why they might catch on).

I have seen the press/media/marketing communities (in parts) becoming increasingly well educated about technology as it impacts on their work. There is strength in the argument that to comment on it they have to blog (and I have to go back and find that ref). But like the rest of us, their immersion in the technology serves to distort their understanding of its importance.

questions I am trying to answer right now...

  • What is the reality of a life online? 
  • How are students really changing their practice?
  • Is the apparent preponderance of technology in everyday life an illusion brought about by the distorted understanding of observers who themselves spend too much time online?
just consider...
...the number of new things I have come across in the last couple of days, or have been dealing with....
PLURK - apparently I can use that to microblog  (I think), that's if I have finished configuring Pownce ( and I still have not got everything done with 
then there are "lifestream thingies" www.lifestream.fm although apparently friendfeed is good
I have yet to try out twitpic
and while I am working my way through twitter there is also twitterpod, which got me stuck on deciding if I should use the universal version, or the mac tiger version (when I am on mac leopard) unfortunately my local consultant was not available at the decision point.
Go Run pissed me off because it had password rules, but I persisted because, 
  1. I like running, and I want all the bits of my life to be in this experiment. 
  2.  I want all the bits in this experiment
  3.  It might have been/become useful 

as an aside there seem to be a dearth of running twitterers, so now I am on a mission to recruit more - and you instantly see that I am beginning to distort what I am studying

the rant was going to go on much longer, but I discover that the rest of my twitters are no longer on my mobile, and if I go onto the web page I will have to wade through all the newsfeed twitters as well (although I may get to manage those soon by having more than one twitter identity)