Friday, 29 May 2015

Workplace tools: a quick update

I've been quite fond of talking about workplace tools but it hasn't been happening very much recently so here's a quick summary of some new additions.
I'm particularly interested in this at the moment, so there are a few things which you can do automatically on the iPad which are rather cool.
Use this to set up automatic triggers for example
  • create an automatic posting with title and link to Facebook or Twitter triggered by
  • creating a new blog post
  • getting to a timed calendar entry
Adds itself to your share option in many iPad apps.
  • Use it to perform routine actions in a standard manner.
  • You can choose from a gallery of prepared workflows or...
  • Create your own workflow through a contextualised menu
  • This is great for personal workflow like appending note items to an existing Evernote
  • It can also be used to automate ad hoc activities which occur more than once - tweeting about a web page *and* adding it to a calendar

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Waves hello

Stuff that goes in here is meant to be about my work passions and life in general. Life work balance is an important consideration. You migh also get pointers to other stuff I have published elsewhere, especially when I have finally mastered IFTTT - which will of course get a post in its own right. 
Here also you can expect info generally valuable to post grads and project students about writing, research methods, workflow and productivity. 
Other stuff you can exoect on here is likely to relate to equality, feminism and the workplace. 
You can put them all under the umbrella of personal growth and cultural change ... It's probably going to be eclectic :-)