Thursday, 6 May 2010

TELUSS - Virtual Group Discussions

When faced with many possible choices of what to do next, it is sometimes difficult to decide what changes need to be given the top priority.

Academics and support services at the University of Southamtpon have been reviewing the technology infrastructure and support which we provide for students at the University.

This activity is taking place under the catch-all title of "The Southampton Learning Environment'. As part of this activity we are gathering information from new and existing sources which build a picture of everyday experience of technologies for learning at the university. We are calling this project TELUSS(Technology Enhanced Learning University of Southampton Surveys) - because we are asking students to tell us what it is like

In 2009 we carried out an extensive survey with students mainly to identify

1) what technologies students use for learning and for study

2) what support students receive when using technology

3) what are the major problem areas which exist in relation to using technology

Following on from this study we are looking to recruit student experts to provide some in depth insight into this important aspect of university life

Discussion with the groups will be managed using a combination of email and web through a four stage process

1) recruit participants (by responding to an email request)

2) asking an initial single question about potential for improving the technology infrastructure for learning (on and off campus)

3) asking students to consider a list of points which have been consolidated from the answers to the first question and to vote on the three items which they consider to be the most important.


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