Wednesday, 11 May 2011

pecha-kucha at PLE_SOU

Folk may have missed the deadlines for submitting a paper to PLE_SOU but there is still a chance to submit a pecha-kucha (or poster demo) or just register and join in our media-cast contest. I've just uploaded a set of slides for the pecha-kucha call to slideshare (and you can take a look at my previous post on it too).
The hard work of folk like Ricardo Torres, Graham Atwell, Cristina Costa and Ilona Buchem - plus the unbridled enthusiasm of the conference participants meant that the first conference,  #PLE_BCN established a particularly high standard, for engagement, scholarly contributions and all round good fun!
So we are looking for a big dose of enthusiasm, imagination and creativity from this year's participants to match and even exceed our previous highs. The conference was also very international drawing experts from across Europe, North America and Australasia. Search YouTube with PLE_BCN to get a sense of the spirit.
So far the quality of paper proposals has been high and we are very keen to extend the community as far as possible. You can keep up to date with news and progress by following us on Twitter, and the conference promises to have a lively back channel enabling real-time interaction between attendees and those who can't make the event.
For more info on the media-cast, posters and demos you can go to the PLE_SOU website
You can also go along to Vimeo and join the PLE 2011 Group at Vimeo ready for the MediaCast
Come and join our vibrant community Southampton, UK July 11-13 #PLE_SOU. We are looking forward to it.
PLE_SOU conference details

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