Thursday, 24 May 2012

Workplace tools

Workplace tools are important, here is a  post about the tools I use and a few new tools which I came across over the easter break when I managed to find some time  to do a bit more reading that usual...
Tools I could not exist without
  • I can get at all my files on any of my computers and any web based computers wherever I am.
  • I can use it to share docs which otherwise live on my personal computers
  • I want to have a seamless backup system
Thank you Janet Carter for introducing me to it :-)
  • there are lots of things going on, and I want to keep note of them.
  • bookmarks, tools etc are distributed and Evernote is in one place.
  • keeping a diary/journal should be as easy as possible.
  • keep pics of info taken on your phone for instant diary/journal notes
  • most importantly work on lots of different devices, be accessible from the web in a synched manner
I use this to keep running notes of my supervision meetings and as a one place for info being collated as I research info - particularly when writing.
  • lets me write my blogs offline
  • organises my tagging
Online/Cloud tools which I use
  • Online service set up a poll and get people to decide when they will come and meet you - no more hopeless negotiating over dates and times 
  • Online service manage admin for small meetings - free if meeting is free
  • Online service use the forms feature to run quick surveys, or collate info on who want's what from a menu when you are organising a social event
  • Use the docs for a quick turnaround on a collaboratively authored piece of writing, there is a great example of that in Mike Wesch's lovely (if a little old now… video 'The vision of students today' (2006))
  • Is the University of Southampton survey tool 
  • install a client on your  desktop
  • use as a reference manager
  • use to share references and establish public citation collections 
  • tool for crowd sourcing related publications
I use this with my project students so i an see how their background research is proceeding
Online service, sets up times on your machine
  •  good idea when you are trying to work on a deadline etc and need to prevent yourself getting distracted...
  • it also has special times - e.g. the 25 mins plus 5 is ideal for half hour meetings
  • An online training tool you can use to log your runs, play games, analyse training
  • Website tools which I don't use, but which I might tell you about
750 words
  • use this to help yourself get into the writing habit. 
Some that look like a good idea ' selectively block web site access
Tools which are not online
from the good folk at the fabulously named literature and latté (although I strictly take my coffee black) I am finding this tool a real winner...
  • the thing to use to help turn notes or blogs into coherent form
  • it lets me organise my writing collecting lots of bits from lots of places
  • it can output to electronic format as well as various others such as PDF and RTF
  • it handles word count, tracking 
  • it have a visual interface to the organiser 
This is a desktop app, there are others with similar functionality
  • everyone needs one secure place to keep lots of info
  • not least to share with their nearest and dearest to ensure that things can be sorted out on your behalf if you are incapacitated, or even after your death (ultimate incapacity)
  • because there is so much info in life 

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