Friday, 29 May 2015

Workplace tools: a quick update

I've been quite fond of talking about workplace tools but it hasn't been happening very much recently so here's a quick summary of some new additions.
I'm particularly interested in this at the moment, so there are a few things which you can do automatically on the iPad which are rather cool.
Use this to set up automatic triggers for example
  • create an automatic posting with title and link to Facebook or Twitter triggered by
  • creating a new blog post
  • getting to a timed calendar entry
Adds itself to your share option in many iPad apps.
  • Use it to perform routine actions in a standard manner.
  • You can choose from a gallery of prepared workflows or...
  • Create your own workflow through a contextualised menu
  • This is great for personal workflow like appending note items to an existing Evernote
  • It can also be used to automate ad hoc activities which occur more than once - tweeting about a web page *and* adding it to a calendar

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