Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Getting Ready for ACM Web Science 2011 - the curriculum workshop

We are really excited about our paper at the ACM web science conference #websci11 this year, and what better prelude than a  Web Science Curriculum Workshop
Our paper is titled Negotiating the Web Science Curriculum through shared Educational Artefacts, you can download a copy either from the conference programme web site, or from the ECS soton ePrints repository
We are scheduled to present during the Web Science Tools and Technologies Session on Thursday morning
These are working notes, which I hope will be of interest to other attendees
Twitter hashcodes
  • main conference #websci11
  • curriculum workshop #websci11cw
  • Alt Metrics #altmetrics
structure - who, what
  • who is doing web science
  • what could we (people who teach web science) use from the community
At the workshop there are representative of three web science masters being taught
Aristotle University Thesaloniki, Greece,
  • taught masters - strong mathematics and economics perspective
  • Professional masters majority of the materials are online, synchronous online two or three evenigns per week, a number of weekend residentials,
five module perspectives, comes from an interdisciplinary background.
  • ITWS Web Science undergraduate degree programme 110 across three years
  • IT and Web Science (ITWS) - masters (35) and PhD - a new specialisation
  • One year taught Masters - for most this is a preliminary to a PhD studies
Other places which have activities  which may not be full programme include (please comment if you want to be added)
Amsterdam, Linz
other places which propose to start soon (please comment if you want to be added)
TU Eindhoven - Bachelors Degree
Related disciplines
Digital Humanitites ( point from Faith)
What we need from the community
Definitions of web science
Topical Relevance:
  • topics for web science
What do students want to learn from a web science curriculum?
professional relevance
Where do students go next?
How do we teach web science?
specific examples, methods, approaches, pedagogy
Report on your Web Science Activity
want to contribute to our survey of web science teaching? go to https://www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/2290
37+ attendees
Actions which arose ( with my comments/notes  in <>brackets)
Action List
  1. list of course/programmes/curriculum (wiki) Jim H
  2. mailing list (announcements) - exists- use it (join)
  3. co-ordinating calls, monthly meetings Craig
  4. lecturer/expert list (talks, ideas etc) <this is one naturally for either Craig, or for WSCR profiles)
  5. project ideas hcd
  6. literature hcd
  7. exemplary examples hcd
  8. textbooks (online/discussion)
  9. resources site hcd, stefane
  10. match making service <after the event - enhancement >
  11. datasets steffen S
  12. commentary/discussion resources Su W
  13. index (and connections of ideas to above)
  14. review process (max)
  15. list of people/areas <WSCR profiles>

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