Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Web History Repository - something for the web science Observatory?

Came across this Web Site for a 'Web History Repository' the other day, it seems its the sort of info which might make itself part of the Web Science Trust's vision of a global Web Science Observatory, and is also relevant to the paper I will be presenting at the web science conference next week.

Collating data on web usage (which is what this repository is about, rather than being a repository of the Web History) provides information which researchers can analyse and which students and learn to use.

On that basis I am just noting a link, it should properly be called a web browsing history, which is a rather different matter - another case of lost in translation, although the data which it will collect should be useful and the argument for collecting it is valid.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook constantly improve their products, based on the data that they collect from their users. Open-source software developers and researchers normally have no access to this data, which puts them into a disadvantage.

We aim to create a public repository of web usage data for the profit of these communities - and eventually you will benefit from better browsers, add-ons and other tools.

Who started the Web History Repository Project?
We are two researchers from the L3S Research Center in Hannover, Germany. The L3S focuses on fundamental and application-oriented research in all areas of Web Science.

So why not mosey along to the 'Web History Repository and take a look? Eelco Herder and his PhD student Ricardo Kawase are the creators of this site. I guess we can look forward to some publications


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